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The Problem in Cybersecurity

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

// The faults in our cyberspace...

Hey Hackers! As you may know, cybersecurity may be one of the biggest fields of work within the next few decades. With ransomware attacks happening left and right, companies and civilians are growing desperate for cyber protection.

"The best defense is a good offense" - Jack Dempsey

//Script Kiddie:

Have you wondered why hackers are so common? Why 12 year old's are hacking Swedish banks? How a 16-year-old took down their school's network? And how so many ransomware attacks are occurring in our modern-day? Although many of our modern-day hackers have genuine networking and exploitation skills, the vast majority of them have no skill at all. How?

DDOS [Distributed Denial Of Service] attacks are a type of attack where an attacker can flood a web service with traffic, up to the point where no other users can access the website. The website will essentially become inoperable.

Do me a favor, go ahead and google "DDOS Tools". I can promise you that you will find many websites, videos, and articles showing completely free and downloadable tools you can use to DDOS a website. They even have full instructions on how to use the tool. If you can read and know how to use a computer, you can "hack". Yes, it's that easy.

Although many cybersecurity professionals don't consider DDOSing as "hacking", it still serves as a dangerous cyberattack to companies. "Hackers" who rely on scripts created by other developers are referenced as "Script Kiddies".

Script Kiddies aren't hackers. Script Kiddies are only as powerful as their scripts. Hackers have a fundamental knowledge of computer science and networking. They know how to effectively navigate through different operating systems, create their own tools, and perform reconnaissance and exploitation on a target, victim, or client. Hackers often use scripts created by other developers, but they don't rely on them.

//Black v White:

Now let's say you want to become a security professional or a hacker. Depending on your field of study you need to learn different concepts like networking, cryptography, command line, and programming languages [like python, bash, and javascript]. The internet can teach you a lot but if you wish to become employed, you may need to get pricey certifications or a college education.

The rate of fire between Script Kiddies and Cybersecurity Professionals is so exponential, and there lies the problem; The Problem in Cybersecurity.

The terms "White Hat" and "Black Hat" hackers refer to two of the many types of hackers in cyberspace. A white hat is a hacker who hacks for good. They often work for governments or companies to find vulnerabilities in a system and fix them before black hat hackers exploit them. Black hat hackers are bad or malicious hackers that hack for their own respective interests.

This problem is inciting more black hats than white hats. It makes it harder for white hats to keep up with fighting off black hats because it is so easy to become a black hat. With ransomware attacks being as common as they ever have, companies and governments are growing desperate for security services and help. In fact, companies and government agencies are hiring students right out of college.


With cyber becoming the Industry of the future, I worry. We need more focus being drawn to the youth about the fields available to them. Although we are not a protection company, CosmodiumCS serves as an education company to bring awareness to topics like this, and prepare those interested in the field to enter a career. If you wish to support our mission, please do click here. Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Hacking!

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