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Welcome to Cosmodium CyberSecurity, an elite offensive development force! Our team of nerds are dedicated to educating, researching, and developing cutting-edge tools, suites, payloads, and malware to stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of cybersecurity. We take pride in our innovative and effective tactics, techniques, and procedures, and we're committed to sharing our knowledge with a passionate community of hackers through social media and communication platforms like Discord. Founded by Chris "Blue Cosmo" Taylor in June 2020, Cosmodium CyberSecurity is the place where hacking meets fun, maybe too much fun. Happy Hacking!



A Discord bot using the cryptography toolkit of the SkeletonKey project. Allowing you to easily access a full fledged cryptography suite in the home of your discord server.


SpiderCat is an advanced reconnaissance payload that aims to concatanate targets into an Obsidian spider web framework. It allows security professionals to keep track of their targets and how they are connected. SpiderCat conducts advanced reconnaissance on targets, gathering intel such as the users email, systems information, geolocation and saved Wi-Fi hotspots. Using Obsidian's advanced markdown mapping capabilities, SpiderCat is able to connect all of your targets based off of the reconnaissance conducted on them.


SkeletonKey is an advanced cryptography hacking tool created by Cosmodium CyberSecurity SkeletonKey is capable of advanced encryption, decryption, and breaking ciphers through various methods. These methods include but are not limited to brute-forcing, cryptographic word-listing, letter frequencies, plaintext formatting, and cracking.


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