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    • Exclusive videos
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    • Exclusive courses
    • Exclusive videos
    • Exclusive articles
    • Student resources

Exclusive Videos

The Happy Hacker Site Plan comes with a channel of exclusive videos for you to watch. These can vary from dedicated exclusives to deleted content that got taken down or never got posted.

Exclusive Courses

As an education company, our main goal is to teach and inform on security topics. This exclusive plan will offer you access to even more courses to grow your cybersecurity skillset.

Live Streams

Get exclusive access to live streams. Hop on with Cosmo and other security educators to get behind-the-scenes viewership. These videos are saved for you to watch at any time or take as a course.

Exclusive Articles

Get exclusive insight on current events, projects, and other topics through our security news network. You will get updates and articles on how to implement diverse security concepts.

Knowledge Base

Think of CosmodiumCS like a school, and like schools, we have resources for our students. The Knowledge Base is a library of cybersecurity knowledge for you to read up and grow.

Behind The Scenes

See what really happens when the hackers of CosmodiumCS get crazy with their skills. See what projects we are working on outside of the public eye! It's some pretty cool's only $1




  • One-time donations.

  • Anything is appreciated!

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