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CosmodiumCS, One Year in the Making

Updated: May 1, 2023

// Today is the first year anniversary of the CosmodiumCS company...


Hey Hackers and Happy Birthday CosmodiumCS! One year ago today, I came up with the idea of starting this company. It was just me, a notebook, and a pen, creating the future of cybersecurity. I wanted to make a different type of security company. One that didn't just focus on one ethical hacking and physical access, but rather, one that could help those interested in cybersecurity learn about their career options. CosmodiumCS is a company that could make cybersecurity simple for the everyday person.

"One moment can change a day, One day can change a life, and One life can change the world." - Buddha

//CosmodiumCS Origins:

For those who are new to the community, welcome! Cosmodium CyberSecurity [often referred to as CosmodiumCS or CCS] is a cybersecurity education company. The name "Cosmodium" derives from my nickname "Blue Cosmo". An old friend on discord gave me the nickname because I was apparently "always reaching for the stars", hence the "cosmo". I never knew what the "blue" was for but I can only assume it was there to make the name sound cooler. However, this nickname was not just an inspiration for the company's name, but it was the inspiration for its logo.

I wanted a lot of my personality and personal history to be incorporated into the logo. I wanted it to be blue and have an outer space and tech theme. This is of course due to my nickname, Blue Cosmo. We considered stars, planets, and a bunch of other weird nonsense. Nothing seemed to work. I came to Sophia Taylor, now the current Chief of Operations Officer at CosmodiumCS, asking her to make a logo. We made many iterations of the logo, but again, nothing seemed to work. I then thought about major points in my cybersecurity career. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning, Internet Explorer.

first version of the CosmodiumCS logo
CCS Logo V.1

My introduction to Internet Explorer is easily one of the key points in my life. I remember my seven or eight-year-old self, being able to freely explore the internet. After all, this is what introduced me to the world of computer science, and eventually cybersecurity. What's even cooler is that Internet Explorer's logo roughly resembles a planet. I decided to take inspiration from this and other key points in my life. So I came back to Taylor and on October 24th, 2020 the first iteration of the CCS logo was born.

Looking back, I can obviously see that it needed work, a lot of work. But I remember how thrilled I was when I first saw it. I practically thought it was the prettiest thing in the world. Since then, the logo has had many iterations. We made the logo more sleek, modern, and relatively simplistic.

//Current Logos:


Throughout the development of our logo, we had a major project in the works, our website. The CosmodiumCS website was originally intended to be a cybersecurity blog, which it still is. We have plenty of cybersecurity-related articles designed for the everyday person to understand. Our first article was simply an introduction to the company. Now, we have articles on the black history of cybersecurity, iconic women in cybersecurity, the dangers of public wifi, and much more. Currently, our most-read article is "The Story of Rockyou", gaining nearly one hundred views.

The CosmodiumCS website has and will continue to thrive into so much more than a blog. Over the summer, CosmodiumCS will be launching new cybersecurity courses [paid and free]. These courses include but are not limited to, Introduction to Python 3, Python for ethical hacking, Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp, an Online Safety Course, Introduction to Cybersecurity, and Malware Development. Please be sure to make an account or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when these courses are released.

Please note that not all these courses are guaranteed to come out this summer, but will come out soon after.

//YouTube History:

The CosmodiumCS YouTube Channel has progressed well over this past year. The first video on the channel was a last-minute recording of me customizing my new Parrot Security Operating System. I needed a new Linux setup because my old one was faulty and I had a CTF [Capture The Flag, an ethical hacking competition] the next day. That video, for whatever reason, is currently the most viewed video on the channel. Since then, the channel grew and expanded. The channel used to be simple recordings of 12 or even 50-hour programming challenges and other live streams. I then started to record my CTF competitions. The channel now has recordings of Parsons Cyber CTF 2020, Nahamcon CTF 2021, and even HackTheBox Cyber Apocalypse 2021. The YouTube channel has grown so much and now has well over one hundred subscribers.

Speaking of our YouTube Channel, a new video should have just been released upon the uploading of this article. This video not only celebrates our companies first birthday, but it covers how CosmodiumCS will develop into the future. I highly suggest you check out the video [attached below] and our channel if you are interested in that type of content, or learning more about Cosmodium.



Overall, CosmodiumCS has done extraordinarily well for only being its first year in development. As of right now, CosmodiumCS is a cybersecurity education company. We provide the general public with articles and videos on the importance of cybersecurity. It is essentially cybersecurity made simple for the everyday person. Despite this, we wish to grow and build Cosmodium into a full-fledged cybersecurity education and protection company. We wish to be able to employ those who have learned so much about the careers we've taught them so much about.

If you do wish to support the CosmodiumCS mission, you can click here to see our support page. There you can learn about becoming a monthly supporter through our Patreon or giving a one-time donation on our GoFundMe. If you do not wish to support us financially, no worries. You can simply show your support by leaving a like on articles like this or subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Again, we thank, love, and appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Hacking!

// Socials:

© 2021 by Cosmodium CyberSecurity LLC

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