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Iconic Women in Cyber Security

Updated: May 1, 2023

// A Women's History Month Article...


Hey Hackers! First and foremost, Happy Women's History Month. I do apologize for my absence with the articles but I have returned and will hopefully be back on schedule with the article uploads. But more importantly, this month is a very special month. Where iconic women all across the globe are being recognized for their hard work and efforts. This week's issue will cover a small group of these aforementioned idols and will display the true recognition that they deserve.

"A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her"

Dr. Ambareen Siraj:

Dr. Ambareen is the founder and executive committee board member of Women In Cyber Security [WiCyS]. A business focussed on the opportunities and recruitment of women in the cybersecurity industry. She not only serves as a professor of Computer Science but as the founding director of CEROC, the Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center for Tennessee Tech. She has earned plenty of awards for her service including the "ABET Claire L. Felbinger Award for Diversity and Inclusion" as well as the "Information Systems Security Education Exceptional Leadership in Education Award". She is an amazing icon that leads and inspires women and minority groups around the world.

Angela McKay:

Microsoft is the biggest mass distributing computer service. This means that most families or individuals have Windows computers running in their homes. In fact, over 1 billion devices are currently running Windows. However, this also means that they are the most targeted. It is Angela's job to ensure the safety of these devices, and the people who rely on them. She works as the Senior Director of Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy at Microsoft. But her position doesn't stop there. She also sits on the Board of Councilors for the East-West Institute. Here, her work contributes to strategies for more secure connections and interactions that are implemented by the U.S President. She is truly an incredible role model who serves the world for the better.

Nicole Eagan:

There are two professions that are said to be the new leading industries, Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Cyber Security. Nicole decided to strive in both. She is a co-owner of Darktrace, an AI company that focuses on the Cyber Security field. Her ideas have been truly revolutionary in the Cyber Defense area. She created different AI systems that stop cyberattacks every minute of every day. These systems have even prevented zero-day vulnerabilities from being exploited. Nicole's work has saved hundreds of companies and people from being exploited on the internet. The algorithms that have been developed through her ideas have inspired unprecedented programs for thousands of people who look up to her. She truly is an inspiration.

Meerah Rajavel:

Data privacy is one of the most controversial topics in our current era. This is why data protection companies like Forcepoint rely on leaders like Meerah. Meerah is the Chief Information Officer for Forcepoint. Here, she ensures that their users' data and information are protected. This on its own is a big responsibility, but the users they manage aren't just normal everyday people. Thousands of these users consist of corporate enterprise companies. Luckily enough, Meerah has an advanced and well-integrated Cyber Security background. She has worked with McAfee AntiVirus, Cisco Systems, Intel, and plenty of other CyberSecurity-based services throughout her twenty-plus years in the field.

Jaya Baloo:

If you are familiar with antivirus software, you more than likely have heard of Avast AntiVirus. Jaya is the Chief Information Security Officer [CISO] for Avast. She also was the CISO as well as the security specialist for KPN Telecom. But this just a few of her many, many, accomplishments. In fact, she is genuinely considered an expert in the industry. Her divine experience in quantum computing, cryptography, and legal "reconnaissance" makes her well equipped for the industry. Mastering interception practices for Verizon and is vice-chair of the Quantum Flagship Strategic Advisory Board. She is such a well-accomplished individual that has truly earned her place.


All in all, these women represent both Women's History and Cyber Security history in the making. all of the aforementioned individuals have truly gone above and beyond in their respective fields. They inspire millions of people around the world who wish to one day be like them. Women in these high positions of power are truly encouraging and I personally can't wait to see what the future holds for them, and those whom they inspire. Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Hacking!

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