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MK14-SuperVision: Devlog 1

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

// Updates on the Mark 14...

Hey Hackers! It's been a sec since I last pumped one of these out. Blogs will follow a more simplistic casual format, and our reports (bottom of the /research page) will be our more formal published works. Regardless, you came here for SuperVision updates, so let's get started!

// TL;DR:

  • new codebase

  • 30x faster

  • API otw


// Quick Overview:

The Mark14 (SuperVision) is an open-source project that plots open data to a geographical map. When the project was first launched, users could access internet-connected cameras and traffic cameras. The locations of buses and airplanes could also be seen in live time. But the map was super slow, so recently, I've been rebuilding it from the ground up! You can check out the project here and the GitHub here.

// Original Devlog: (much has changed since then)

// A New MK14:

The Mark14 was super cool...but incredibly slow. It took nearly 20-30 seconds for the damn thing to load. This is because the code base was cursed, like it was awful like I can't believe I proudly posted that crap on the internet.

Like you need to understand how bad the code was. It was a Python script using Folium and Flask to create and render the map. BUT it would rewrite the index.html to include the entirety of the numerous json databases of camera locations. In addition, the Python would insert some ghetto ahh Javascript code to update all of the points on the map to refresh the live updates of the transit. Like...the code was bad dude..but it worked I guess..

To fix this, the front end of the Mark14 has been written in vanilla HTML and JavaScript. Making it smoother and way faster. As a backend framework, I'm still using Flask, but I'm using it properly this time lmao.

// Benefits of Flask: (WE HAVE AN APIII BABYY!)

Flask (not sponsored) has allowed me to more easily render the HTML and Javascript code to incorporate various features. Unless it is a static database with longitude and latitude points being rendered to the map, all the data being parsed is handled through Python and is accessed through Flask.

Why is this cool? It's cool because we can now have a central API for YOU to use to access camera feeds, transit locations, and any other open data we plot on the map. Go ahead and blindly copy and paste this into your terminal...see what happens bud..

It'll take a few seconds, but you'll get the current locations of buses in Chicago. This will likely change in the future with API keys, rate limiting, and new data to work with, but it is interesting to note the potential here (don't ddos me please)! Also, if you want camera data, you can just run...

That'll get you the camera data in Maryland at least, but again, it's very "ragtag" at this point. A lot more needs to be put into it before it becomes usable for anybody...JUST LIKE YOUR MO-

I politely ask that you don't continuously curl my site for data at this point, we don't even have HTTPS set up yet. Much less something like cloud flare to handle the metric f*ck ton of CURL requests you sweaty nerds will send me.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Hacking!

// Socials:

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